Cesarean section

C-section at Mangiagalli hospital.
6700 babies were delivered in Milano hospital in 2007. 40% of them were delivered with the help of Cesarean section. Such a high rate of C-sections is explained by a considerable number of pathological pregnancies. Warning: this video contains details of surgical intervention, which is not for the faint – hearted.


51 Responses to “Cesarean section”

  1. mheol Says:

    ewwwwwwwww…..im scared!

  2. Jen Says:

    I have had two cesarean sections and I had no idea what realy went on…OMG!!!

  3. Ali Says:

    Okay, I know how I’m NOT having my baby…

  4. shameera Says:

    my first delivery was a c section.i had no idea what went on.really scared…..

  5. mary Says:

    i have 3 lovely kids with gas never again will i have another

  6. Ariana Says:

    omg!!!! i hate when the rip it open!!!!!

  7. mahwish shahrukh Says:

    my one delivery was a c section. no pain n no gain

  8. britt Says:

    omg thats so much worse than natural child birth YUCK

  9. Ashley Says:

    omg!!!! im 7 months with my second and i hope i have it vaginal again that was gross!!!!!!

  10. Cheta Kalu Says:

    i don’t wish anybody CS.

  11. Shamiko Says:

    OMG!!! I want kids but I pray I have them naturally! NO c-section for me!

  12. barbie Says:

    i do not even want kids if I have to go thew that. It looks to painful.

  13. sally Says:


  14. sally Says:


  15. barbie Says:

    that was grooooooooooooosssssssss

  16. barbie Says:

    That was awsome. Again Again

  17. deedee Says:

    i’ve had 2 c-section births and they both went fine. i started driving 2 weeks after…exercise is really important during pregnancy to battle fear of childbirth…

  18. a&p202 Says:


  19. ahmad Says:

    what i saw in this video i cann’t say by a few words who is mother and what is mother ufufufufufufuufuf.
    mother is the best best gift and kines of almighty allah, jalajalalah.

  20. Autumn Says:

    I hope that lady is still alive thats alot of blood she lost there. OUCH!

  21. Sam Says:

    i thought natural childbirth woz scary. This is so much worse! They jus ripped her open. That must’ve hurt the next day! im 7 months pregnant n wish it woz as simple as sneezing so it could jus fall out so i wouldnt notice the pain. this is my first n never have i been so nervous about anything in my life. Surely it can’t be that bad if people go onto to have more children though, rite?

  22. rocio and galilea Says:

    omg i dont ever want to have kids again that look so wrong

  23. Tiny Says:

    you’ll never get me to go for that unless one of us is in trouble. That was brutal! Natural for me, please!

  24. Brooke Says:

    omg, natural birth please.
    2 months along and definitely not going for a c-section!

  25. andrea Says:

    iv had 3 c-sectionc i will never have any more now i know what really gos on down there
    no wonder ur so soar after it .frightning!

  26. julie Says:

    i will never have children

  27. pearl Says:

    I’m 1wk away from my due date for my first baby and i can honestly say i don’t ever want to have a c-section. That was probably the most frightning thing i’ve ever seen. I know its going to be hard but after that, natural child birth for me PLEASE!

  28. Roma Says:

    29 weeks and considering a CS but surely they dont tug and pull that hard , right ? scared of getting baby out of me one way or another . son , youre fine in there arent you ? well , i think u should stay in there, forever ! omg dont wana give birth ever ! no more kids ! this lil mister is born with a stop sign and if thataint enough theres always this video ill refer to as birth control !

  29. saima Says:

    im first tyme pregnant n as i saw c-section n normal delivery i really get scared..hope all goes well

  30. F.Jane Says:

    It is quite simply amazing how the mother doesn’t feel any of that O_O I thought I had a strong stomach!

  31. ina Says:

    its nice video but very difficult 2 undergo I dont wish c-section 4 any of the women, I just want 2 say women is great

  32. jessica Says:

    yeah, ill never understand why a woman would opt for getting this done over just doing it naturally.

  33. fran Says:

    i am going to have a c-section tomorow and i am not going to do it natural birth

  34. vandecia Says:

    am going into c-section next week i saw the experience and its creepy prayer for me please let me live

  35. robyn Says:

    How is it that so many women want c-sections these days! That is horrifying!

  36. Ameila Vale Says:

    I have given birth naturally to four children. Seeing this C-section makes me glad I did. It also makes
    me want to throw up.

  37. tracy Says:

    i have had two c sections and took along time for me to recover im now pregnant with my third and have to have another section, after seeing this video i am dreading it i didnt realise what actually happens. wish i didnt.

  38. Adam Says:

    You’d think they’d be a little more gentle. They’re ripping her open a bag of chips. “Put one hand on each side of the incision and pull apart as hard as you can.”

  39. emma phipps Says:

    i take my hat off to the women that have this done when awake i had one as an emergency and that freaked me out

  40. Bekki Says:

    My mum had an emergency c section with my little sister as she was a double breach. I think if I showed her this she would freak out and be relieved that she was asleep for it haha :)

  41. stevie g Says:

    that was just uhhh, unbelievable, too much blood lost, and it just looks like the worst way of giving birth to a baby, feel sorry for all women who give birth, they go through an awful lot of pain, soz mum for all the pain

  42. Rebecca Says:

    Go natural , it’s way easier. Bekki I’m a nurse and have never heard of a double breech, sounds like the baby had 2 butts. lol

  43. KeeKee Says:

    Yeah i am so going natural i thought this would be easy it dont look like it lord

  44. Jessica Says:

    I’m pregnant with my first baby right now. I was really scared about natural birth, but after seeing this, I will gladly take it.

  45. MiaTé Says:

    This video wasn’t to bad. And besides think about it before pregnancy your uterus is about 4in. So for it to hold 6+lbs it is quite strong. And it is all muscle. So there will be some hard “tugging”.. but the after birth.. eww never seen it before.. that was a little nasty looking. But nevertheless i am still trying for my first bundle of joy “)

  46. Sam Says:

    İ will definitely not having a baby its just sooo disgusting

  47. Amanda Says:

    i have a 3 year old who was born by c-section and im going to have another c-section in 10 days. i remember that after the surgery, if i sneezed i was in so much pain…but my baby was safe and healthy so thats what mattered the most to me.

  48. sarah Says:

    ive had a csection and now have a baby on the way. Im all for a cestion. no pushing,screaming, tearing of your vagina, not everyone looking at you aand thats way they have a large sheet over your head so you cant see. Yes the video is um….gross but i never felt any pain through the whole thing. bring on the csection sept

  49. Carrie Says:

    This was the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen…. Now I’m petrified….

  50. Love Life Says:

    Thank God for life! This operation is why doctors deserve high pay for their proffesseion.

  51. Nicqui Says:

    I have done many c/s in my life, it only takes 30-45 minutes. I am now pregnant myself and will never deliver the natural way, I find it gross, woman dirty themselves, get cut down there etc. Only c/s for me! You don’t loose that much blood at all, it’s quick and over!

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