Childbirth 3D Video

A wonderful 3D animated presentation showing how a baby makes his or her first way through the mother’s birth canal into the world. We can clearly see the baby’s position in all stages of the delivery.

17 Responses to “Childbirth 3D Video”

  1. Rani Sangam Says:

    Tryint o improve knowledge by watching the videos… i am going to be a grandmom soon……………

  2. Shaz Says:

    It is very informative and helpful.

  3. Sarah mitchell Says:

    Very informative. My turn in 6weeks. Really scared

  4. Shonna Says:

    I am only 8 weeks and I am already terrified

  5. dolly Says:

    i am seven month pregnant. in 3d image i found it easy but i think it is difficult task.

  6. Mercy Says:

    Oh Deat God its gonna be painfull am 16 weeks

  7. Angel Says:

    I am only 6 weeks and I was in the birthing room when my little brother was born and I am TERRIFIED!!!!

  8. Helen Moore Says:

    Please don’t be afraid – remember that pregnancy is a natural function of a healthy body! Get in touch with a local doula and talk over your fears with her! Contact for a list in your area! I’ve attended 94 births and they’ve all been BEAUTIFUL miracles!

  9. Hailie Says:

    i think the music was more terrifying, im hoping my 2nd will be that easy tho 🙂

  10. Danielle Bushell Says:

    i think it is the most amazing thing ever for a woman, it was painfull but i love the birth. It is a pain that you can control if you breath an think who you have been waiting 9mths to meet.
    i have two beautiful children and they are so different in many ways, we have another new member joining us due on 9th sep we cant wait i love them all dearly. I think that it is amazing that two loved ones can creat such beautiful MIRACLES an each miracle is beautiful in there own special way.

  11. suhani Says:

    i m only 8 weeks pregnent and i m soooooo terrified

  12. Birth Video Says:

    remember that pregnancy is a natural function of a healthy body!

  13. Sandy H. Says:

    Wow! That was scary, I am glas that I have already had by 2 kids and am not planning on having any more.

  14. Nicola x F Says:

    awww!!! ive got 2 weeks 4 days left and cant wait!!! not scared one bit!!!! xx

  15. Summer Says:

    This was great! That’s about how quickly my daughter was born and I’m looking forward to my third drug-free, quick birth using gravity to help progress labor. Such a wonderful experience.

  16. Dave C. Says:

    The 3-d video was amazing…just checking out your site, getting ready for number 3!!!!

  17. shana Says:

    i am 34weeks and this is my second child but i am scared still the pain is terrible

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