Homebirth Video

5’54’’ German video of a natural delivery that took place at home. Squatting position with a birthing stool for labor.

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  1. irine Says:

    so amazing…..Glory the Lord

  2. amelia Says:

    my god… this is so awful. i will never ever have children…

  3. Mrs.Snupa Sanjeev Says:

    I would like to see the child birth video as i have not yet seen it

  4. RS Says:

    This is so beautiful. You can just feel how amazing the husband feels… it’s possible that, as many women have already mentioned, the mother and husband probably feel uncomfortable with a bunch of strangers in the hospital. Child-birth is SUCH an intimate thing… and I wouldn’t have known just how intimate it is unless I would have seen these natural birth videos.

  5. soon2bexpecting my first Says:

    wow…im truely amazed and just lost in my thoughts of how im gonna be todays m due date n i haven’t even had a contraction kinda make me wanna wait 2 have her but i know its a blessing and worthwhile

  6. karen Says:

    wow!!!she makes it look easy. the squatting position is the optimal position fo giving birth in. wont catch me lying up on the bed!!!!

  7. marlene Says:

    good job lady you did it with out any pain killers

  8. Gunalan Says:

    god gift

  9. Sarah Says:

    This is amazing! Birth is incredible! Cant wait for mine! Only 16 more years or so !

  10. Blossom Says:

    They’re not German. The language being spoken is Dutch, so they’re either Dutch or Belgian. Perhaps an insignificant detail, but not to them!

  11. Nancy Hard Says:

    This video is wonderful! Twenty-three years ago I gave birth to surprise twins at home, in very much the same position. (“Gravity: it’s the law!”) I always wished we had videotaped the girls’ births so I could experience it again — as a spectator. This video was like that for me! I could almost feel her pushing, the baby crowning, and their absolute relief and joy when the baby slithered out! I feel so sorry for people (especially girls) who are grossed out by childbirth. Yes, it’s painful and messy and completely undignified, but wow, is it empowering! I love midwives and home birth.

  12. Karina Says:

    Yep they’re Dutch alright, though the commentary is in German. I’m happy to finally see a video where the afterbirth is also shown. When I had my first baby (am now pregnant with #4) I had no idea that getting the baby out wasn’t the end of it! (but it’s the hardest part obviously).

  13. Selina Says:

    It’s amazing and great to be a mum!

  14. Super Star Says:

    Mother is the God.

  15. Raymond Says:

    I can’t say anythings,…….. Blessed all mother in this planet………

  16. permendra Says:

    human body can bear only upto 45 Del(unit) of pain. But.. At the time of giving Birth, a women feels upto 57 DEl of pain. This is similar to 20 Bones getting Fractured, at a time.
    ‘LOVE YOUR MOM’ till the End of your Life.

  17. permendra Says:

    i dont belive on god much……. i even dont know the defination of god,,,,,, what i think is that ” on this earth the real god is mother who give u birth and then father who together with mother all your requirement and need till the end of their life…..”

  18. Jenni Says:

    This was amazing… I’m having our third child in August and after having two already this was so refreshing to watch. I think once you’ve had a child you can understand that this is not a scary or awful situation, it’s very liberating and amazingly wonderful 🙂
    xx J

  19. John Says:

    What have I done to my wife!

  20. Jamie Says:

    Is it lame that I cryed when I watched this? lol

  21. Ruby Says:

    One of my friends gave birth naturally yesterday (She’s only 16, but the father was there and they’ve been together for two/three years) and I can’t believe how awefully painful it looks. I do want to have children when I’m older but seeing several videos has made me realise that I wouldn’t be able to do at my age (I’m also 16). Well done to all those women who manage to do it without pain killers. I know I would struggle.

  22. Broderick Says:

    I am very happy I found your site on bing. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my brother were just preparing to do some research about this. I am very happy to see such great info being shared for free out there.
    Best Regards,
    Abidan from Colorado Springs city

  23. Kandersteg Says:

    I only wish the birth of my daughter had been as straightforward, painfree and relaxed as this. Childbirth is absolute hell, and it took me a year to get over it physically and mentally but it’s worth it. My daughter is amazing.

  24. Lily Says:

    I think that was straight up nasty. My birth of triplets was worse than hell it was like pure fire coming out of me. I never had sex without a condom again.

  25. Lily Says:

    Childbirth was hell I mean was horrible

  26. Philippa Hughes Says:

    Very nicely done!
    (British Community Midwife)

  27. Jasmine Says:

    Oh my god,it can be terrible! My daughters birth was like he’ll! Well done miss.

  28. Tenielle Says:

    As lovely as this is, found myself wanting to yell at that midwife… You don’t take the baby away from skin-to-skin contact with its mum to wrap it in blankets! And you don’t wipe the poor thing right after it’s born! Leave them alone!

  29. hayan Says:

    wow, dear u have done it with out any painkiller, u know that doing it with out any painkiller is quite tougher

  30. pammy Says:

    wow, my kind of girl. I gave birth after hearing the woman in the neighboring room screaming for England, I said to my hubby I hope I don’t make a noise like that and apparently I didn’t, Everything was textbook and I really “enjoyed” the whole experience. Childbirth is not hell for everyone, go in with a positive, open mind and remember with every contraction you are a step nearer to your baby.

  31. P. McMahon Says:

    Very good to see no butchers on hand with their surgical scissors. Maybe that’s because it was born in the Amazon jungle.

  32. me --> annoyed Says:

    I would like to watch this video. Blame those who repot birthvideos because of nudity or sexuality. What do you think YOU came from? Delivered in a sterile package and alreedy dressed? Stupid morons

  33. Katelyn Dadds Says:

    Creating the best personal ad – Be appropriate – Steer clear of bad language or sexual innuendo, many people will not be impressed with this and if they are, do you really want to meet someone like that?

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