Hospital Birth In America

Less graphic 2’05’’ film with a good demonstration of American obstetricians’ work.

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  1. soon2bexpecting my first Says:

    i liked this video alot mainly because it seemed lke chrystal had alot of love, and motivation in her atmosphere

  2. Guest Says:

    What happens to the cord from the mothers end? What’s all the goo coming out after the baby? I’m so confused!!

  3. shanna Says:

    that “goo” is the afterbirth or better known as the plancta.

  4. mommyinmay Says:

    lol….shanna, its placenta.
    and its whats been keeping the baby alive and giving him blood for the past 9 months. thats what the cord was attached to.

  5. patrick Says:

    That was sick why would you put this on YouTube.but happy for your new bron.

  6. XAVI Says:

    Patrick is right! lol!
    anyway, congrats!

  7. Kim Says:

    It’s not sick, it’s beautiful and natural. Congrats on your newborn!

  8. tiff Says:

    This is insane. I dont know how the baby doesnt suffocate on its way out lol. I swear after watching this I never want kids. Imagine taking a shit the size of a babyz head. NO thanks…

  9. sue Says:

    acually if we could bottle and sale that “goo” we’d make billions. This video had way too much shadow. I saw nothing. didn’t help at all.

  10. beth Says:

    i think childbirth is nice and naturla i wouldn’t do what katie price has done and pay millions to have an c section every time i am 15 and i am 3 wekks of having a little boy howz bouts warren

  11. yazmine Says:

    wow im only nine weeks pregnant with my first child but i have been watching loads of birth videos and this was really quite terrifying, but congratulations x

  12. Chris Says:

    Yeah Patrick….that was pretty awful. My wife is having a baby in January and I think I’ll just stay home…too much for me.

  13. Emily Says:

    that was horrible to watch the baby come out but the second she was on her mothers stomach and she picked her up into her arms was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen…….it really does make all that pain worth it…….i’m have my first in january and am so scared to give birth but the end of the video reminds me what its all about….

  14. khalid Says:

    hey this is very strange i m very happy to say that i m not a girl thanx to Allah cos girl have alot of problem like that like mensis ,pain,and many more that for the video ………….:)

  15. Stephanie Says:

    She did so good!! I wonder if she had any pain killers.

    I’m due in 12 days and I want to go natural and I don’t want them to PULL her out of me either…

  16. becky Says:

    Me and my husband decided to try to get pregnant, so we have been watching videos to see if i’m ready to endure that much pain. After seeing the mothers face when she held her baby for the first time i have decided it’s worth it. we are now expecting a baby in june.

  17. Lilmadea Says:

    Hi wow that video was scary. I’m 12 and I’m 3 months pregnant. I am really scared of birth but I can’t wait for me and the father to hold our new son.

  18. torres Says:

    Lilmadea, you’re 12 and 3 months pregnant…and you’re having a boy. Something missing there since you cant usually tell the sex of a baby until 18-20 weeks…16 at the earliest but they normally wont even do an ultrasound that early to look at the sex.

  19. rocio and galilea Says:

    hi i’m galilea and i’m 7 years old i’m watching this video with my mom. my anunt is having a baby girl and i wanted to know what child birth is all about. anyways congrats and whats your baby name

  20. Mehul Says:

    Very good

  21. Klaudia Says:

    The baby does not sufficate because the cord provides oxigen.

  22. Pregnancy Miracle Says:

    Been looking for this type of information. Everything I’ve read anywhere else hasn’t covered it very well, but your post did. Thanks…

  23. Bfdk Says:

    I dont want kids now! It looks like it hurts! Congrats

  24. dani Says:

    Wow that was amazing. I wasn’t expecting to cry at the end but I did. I’m pregnant and it’s made me feel alot more reassured.

  25. Giannasmommy Says:

    this was sooo beautiful. she did really well! wow just seeing it,i was sayin to my hubby:babe,omg my cookie got THAT big? he was laughing! hehe..however,i think its wonderful! a life coming out of a woman is soooo beautiful<3

  26. Jazzo Says:

    wow that looked really nasty bt ive been watching birth videos since i waz 5 wks nd i still dnt kno if i wana take da pain n im 35 wks now

  27. Grace Says:

    why is she on her back??????
    the WORST possible thing you can do in labour is get on your back! i will never understand why hospitals make you just lie on your pack and push. its so stupid and painful! let gravity take its course!!!!

  28. king Says:

    happiest women in the world at that moment

  29. Jazzmine Says:

    I am 15 years old and am exepting my butifull baby on chirtmas
    I am very scared but i cant wait to see my bays face.

  30. P. McMahon Says:

    Videography wasn’t the best (could have done with a lot more light on the subject), but good to see a baby that wasn’t delivered by a butcher (no episiotomy). Good Job! It has restored some of my faith in obstetrics personnel. Not much though, there are a lot of butchers out there that can’t wait for it to come out naturally, or think they must hack the mother’s genitals just to slightly reduce the risk to the baby.

  31. Nina Says:

    I’m on my second child (Another girl) and I’m due in just a week and a half. I can tell you that she did a great job. With my first I pushed only 3 times and delivered in less than 10 mins….but that was all after about 12 hrs of slow labor. My O.B. didn’t do an episiotomy and I was extatic. My step-mother told me that O.B.’s in the military do one with every delivery wether it is necessary or not. totally don’t agree with that practice. This video wasn’t the best of quality, but atleast it gives insight to those who want to witness the miracle. Good Job on the delivery, and congrats!!

  32. Kaiytlyn Says:

    Im Actualty In Labour right now, its a slow process but its a home birth with a quilified midwife. As i am only 18 and a single mother to a baby boy harvey (1 Years 8 Months) And The midwife would like me to loook at some birthing videos to reassure my mind on natural births as my son was breech so i was forced to have a c section. At the moment i am getting contractions at 5-6 minutes apart and i am about 9cm dialated so im nearly into the second stage of labour. I will be writing this whilst giving birth to my baby, to take my mind of everythinng, kind of like a blog really. So I Am Now 10cm Dialated And im going to start pushing now. I Have been asked to do 5 small pushes so i am doing that at the moment. Im feeling quite a bit of pain. as thisis a natural birth thereis no drugs involved so obviously its pretty painful.I Can feel babys head begining to come down into the birthing canal. After a few more pushes, the head is now out. I am now going to push the babby out completely. The Baby is now out, chord is cut, 6Pounds 4 Lb, A Baby Girl. Obviously I Have had my laptop on sleep for the past 10 hours, and obviously the birth wasent that quick, i wasent writing it all at once. The Whole Birth Was 30minutes so it wasent too bad. 10 hours after the birth myself and the baby, Sophie-Jade Maria Jackson. I Hope some young, expecting mothers, can read this and be inspierd by me, as at a young age of 15 i gave birth to my first baby and at 18 to my second. All The pain and pushing is worth it! Sophie-Jade Is doing well, and grandma and granda are very pleased to meet her and i think little Sophie-Jade to a liking to her. I Have a younger sister that was just born last week so Auntie and Neice will probobly be going to school together! 🙂 Thank you very much to take the ttime to read my story. I did thiis to inpire young mums like me and i know i would have really liked to see somthing like this before i gave birth. So Myself Harvey Isac Jackson & His Beautiful Little Sister Sophie-Jade Maria Jackson Are One big happy family! I’d like to thank Kristeen Farmer, For delivering both my babys, she is the best in buissness and the best midwife you could possibly imageine ! 🙂 Thanks Again, xx

  33. rishi sharma Says:

    it’s too difficult work to give a birth to a child

  34. Jessica Says:

    This was a very beautiful video and it showed me a lot. I’m 19 and am 14 weeks right now. I’m really nervous about the labor and all the pain that comes with it, but I’ll have my mother and soon-to-be-husband by my side. I really like the blog left by Kaiytlyn. It’s very inspiring and shows me that I can get through this. Thank you.

  35. lovely me Says:

    i am 14 and is due @ anytime!! and i have been watching tons of videos before my new born comes in!!

  36. Amanda Says:

    Oh my, i just turned 17 2 days ago and im 3 months and 3 weeks 🙂 Iv been watching these videos and honestly their making me very exited to have my baby. I see these woman going through pain but once the babies born their crying and laughing out of happiness. If any woman here are as far along as i am and would like to email each other through the whole way through my email is or you can just find my Facebook with my email. Yes its a very strange email lol. But im looking for woman in the same stage as me to socialize with and talk to about everything going on with their and pregnancy’s to 🙂 This is my first pregnancy and im very exited to have my next ultrasound in 5 weeks which should be when i see if its a girl or boy

  37. jennifer Says:

    omg!!!!! i had 2 kids already and this is my first time seeing child delivery from the other end!!! p.s. to lovely me, you are only 14, where were your parents at when you were having intercorse?? child birth is a beautiful thing for someone who is ready and maintain a child ithout any help good luck to you.

  38. PregoGamer Says:

    im 31 Weeks, and Holy shit im scared…..

  39. kathlyn Says:

    Made me cry. Beautiful. Can’t wait to be a mommy

  40. Lilly Says:

    Hi I have had 1 kid and I’m expecting twins .the best way to help the pain of contractions is hot water.all the pushing might hurt but when you hold ur baby it all seems if ur expecting for the first time sit in a hot Beth for an hour every night because it really helps after all the pushing hold ur baby cause then u know what it’s all about and good luck if ur expecting

  41. John Says:

    My wifes expecting any one got tips

  42. Joyce Says:

    I’m 13 weeks pregnant with my first child (Husband’s second). And I thought the video was beautiful. Naturally scared but excited at the same time. Long way to go. Being cut is sometimes needed, heals better then if you rip from what I hear. But as long as its a vaginal I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just hope I won’t require a c-section. The videos seem much worse for those births.

  43. AnnaLea Says:

    this is so beautiful

  44. maryann Says:

    I’m 19 years old & pregnant with our first baby. i’m due in march. my husband and I are so excited.
    i thought the video was beautiful!
    of course im a little worried about the possibility that anything can go wrong at the time of delivery but i am hoping for the best!
    seemed like you had alot of supportive people around her during the delivery!
    congrats on the baby!<3
    i was wondering if you had a natural child birth or if you used pain medications?

  45. jessica Says:

    Omg!!!! How beautiful!!! Im 24 yrs old and 8 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I are super excited. Any helpful tip regardong pregnancy that I havent heard yet???

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