Natural Water Birth Video

A 18 year old girl shares her water birth experience. The labor took place 26 hours. On a 4’58’’ video we can see the last stage of the delivery.

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  1. babun chakraborty Says:

    it is a good plan

  2. Fazal Says:

    Nice Viedo

  3. soon2bexpecting my first Says:

    this one looked very easy

  4. soon2bexpecting my first Says:

    wow..y were the doctors so ruff with the babies it kinda upset me n im really scred especially after watching cut open womens vaginas…………..

  5. Kelsey Says:

    I just wanted to say this video is absolutely AMAZING. You were so brave ! I am having one of my own in December and this just inspires me to be as calm as you. You must be so proud of yourself !

  6. Sara Says:

    This video is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it. I am 34 weeks and very scared of the birth but after watching and seeing how happy she is afterwards makes me feel a whole lot better and more excited than anything. Thank you again! :)

  7. Lisa Says:

    I am nervous about giving birth and this video truly is touching and beautiful. This clip encourages me to focus and remain calm as I bring my little prize into this world. This is awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing this. I love your strength.

  8. Nice Says:

    why are the nurse even wearing glove, the water is soaking into it anyway

  9. l'momma Says:

    the nurse is wearing gloves because it’s sterile for the baby and mother….. not just for herself. Her hands are in her vagina

  10. zeze Says:

    woooooooooooooooooow oh my god that was amazing my aold is 18 so if i have half your bain i will hate my boyfriend hahahahaha

  11. melody Says:

    omqqq ; iwould likee soo be cryinq and yellinq and screaminq and like qet this fuckinqq babyy outta me ahhh lol but omq that was like so crazy iwould have my boyfriend like sooo muchh ;

  12. kay Says:

    I cried at the end!! love the person on the camera “you all wont be doing this anytime soon…” haha great i felt the burn haha wow considering water birth seem very calming

  13. lauren Says:

    18 why on earth would you want a baby at 18 your wasting your life away.Anyway you still looked really calm and congrets,if that was me i would be like “get this baby at of me”.I never want to go through that i might adopt.

  14. Brittany Says:

    Made me cry. Soo beautiful. Conqrats!

  15. me Says:

    Lauren you are a LOSER- What a horrible life you must have. You dont deserve to have a baby anyway with your nasty attitude. Great video, very courageous to share with the world. Go mommy!!!!

  16. steven xiong Says:

    this is fuckin disgusting i will never have a baby cuz of this video thanks very much muthafucker :)

  17. preggygirl Says:

    I’m planning on doing a water birth (I’m in my 1st pregnancy), but being on your back in a tub has to be uncomfortable. Also, its easier to get the baby out while on your hands and knees. There are alot softer birthing pools out there you should try during your next pregnancy. =) wonderful video. thanks for sharing.

  18. Jordyn Says:

    You did amazing congradulations on the new baby! I have one question though. How does the baby not inhale water when it is born?

  19. Kelly Says:

    I’m 19 and I still can’t imagine how a baby that size could exit my petite body. It’s so mind boggling! Either way, this girl makes it look so easy… I give her so many kudos. And her boyfriend as well for being at her side the entire time. I cried at the end. What a beautiful video. Makes me even more excited to give birth to life one day.

    Oh, and to answer the question above me (Jordyn), the baby is already in water for 9 months while in the womb.

  20. Marie Says:

    Hi congratulation,he must be a big boy now,i had my daughter naturally in 2006 and now for my second one i wanted to experience water birth and this really inspired me.

  21. Lauren-x Says:

    aww :)
    well done babe -
    wow, i think its amazin how a baby grows inside you like that aha;
    got love for my mum for carryin me for 9months & givin birth too me. <3

  22. mum@15-x Says:

    i had my son at 15 which wasnt planned but wouldnt change it for the world now but didnt have a water birth my sons 2 now im thinking of having another one so mayb a water birth next time round u made that water birth look so easy i think you done really well ,brave to have this video on here 2 ….and who an earth is that idiot lauren u should think about keeping ur opinion to urself its peoples decisions if they want to have a child whether your 18 or 40….one day when u go threw it it might make you think differently!

  23. sasha Says:

    amazing video, planning to have a waterbirth hope it goes this smoothly. beautiful baby, great job.
    this video helped calm my nerves a bit, worried sick about having 8weeks, but surely the birth cannot be worse than 9 months of pregnancy.

  24. Tammi Says:

    well done yo were so brave! It made me cry at the end to see how happy you were x

  25. leann Says:

    hey my lilsis is about 4 weeks preggrs. she is only thriteen. any suggestions on which way of birthing is best? ad no he is notgetting a abortion, it’s murder, and she isnot giving it away to the state. who knows whee it’ll end up! in a closet being fed pancakes like some of these foster parents!? but yea im gonna be a auntie. im so happy!!! :)

  26. Vanitha Says:

    Well done my dear. it made me cry. So beautiful. Congrats!

  27. Rachel Says:

    I’m duevin about 4 days, and have been extremely nervous but this video just gave me the best inspiration :) congrats on your little boy he’s beautiful

  28. Lauren Says:

    Me-I am not a loser and my life is not horrid.I can’t help the way in which i was brought up.In my family it is the norm to have a child in your late 20′s – mid 30′s and at my age(17) my views are guided by my parents.My dad believes that in today’s society, a woman should focus on a career or go travelling etc instead of being tied down with a child.If i got pregnant now or in my early 20′s my dad would be so disappointed in me.
    I’m not against this girl at all-i think she is extremely brave and congrats to her!

  29. francis Says:

    Amazing video, seems so brutal what they do to mothers in hospitals – Im so glad that everybody is different – It is a blessing to have a child at any time, existence gives us what we need in this life, at the perfect time. We cant judge other people.

  30. joy Says:

    im in tears that was lovely she did so good im 7 months and im so worried about the pushing well done x

  31. Jamie Says:

    That was beautiful. It made me cry. What a miracle!!

  32. Helen Says:

    Aww wow! Well done! TO be honest, it looks REALLY painful, but I could tell from the end that it’s worth it!

  33. Tyson Baby Tips Says:

    This is very nice of you. You all have the best baby tips that I have seen and you really seem to know your stuff.

  34. Kim Says:

    This girl is VERY brave to do a waterbirth w/out any medication. I’m due in 5 weeks, and I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to do that w/out epidural. I need lots and lots of medicine to get through it lol

  35. luki Thembi Says:

    am scared even more of child birth. but your braverly still inspires me.

  36. Caroline Says:

    That was such a wonderful example of paced, natural birth. congratulations, what a great job you and baby both did! I’ve been looking for a good video to show my children as we prepare for the imminent arrival of our next baby and this one will surely be shown to them. Thank you!

  37. Faisal abdulai Says:

    It’s a miracle

  38. Brittany Love Says:

    That was a crazy experience and I hope yo and the baby is doing very well. When you get thias message sen dme a message back explaing all that you had to go through to have you baby

  39. roshelle Says:

    im just scared to have a baby in water cuz i think it would die or somthing cuzme and my boy friend want a lil gurlher name will be tyanna jamia owens but this will be after i get out of school and stuff and it look very scary

  40. Jessica Says:

    The baby doesn’t actually start breathing until it’s out of the womb and they suction the stuff out of his/her throat. The umbilical cord still provides oxygen to him. It’s perfectly safe to have a water birth.

  41. Manda Says:

    This made me cry – this is the least scary childbirth I have watched so far, you were so brave xx

  42. quanisha Says:

    GREAT!!! im 14 and is due anytime now!! i want too have baby girl natural

  43. im 14 and do at anytime!!! Says:

    so amazing and calm!!! u did great hun!!

  44. Jeesi Says:

    Oh that was a nice birth.well done,amazing staying so cool and in control.and congratz on such a lovely boy.has tears running down my eyes when you cried when they passed you your baby:will be having my second one anytime now.Iam 37 weeks on now and anytime now our angel will come.hope it will all go well.

  45. Zeta-G Says:

    I find it weird how in the end she still kept the bra on…the baby was just trying to breastfeed…

  46. Go Green Says:

    Abortion is green! :D

  47. Dina Says:

    I think this video is awesome, I’m due in less than 3 weeks and I’m 19 years old. I would love to have a water birth but unfortunately I’m not. I’m not afraid to give birth either but this was just so beautiful, I can’t wait to hold my daughter! And for all those stupid people on here that have something really ignorant to say about young moms, go suck on a fat hairy toe. It is hard to be a mom no matter what age your in and just because there are young moms out in the world that does not mean we don’t want better for our child, most young moms do better than adult women. Why?, because they are striving for a better life. I’m a young mom who started working at age 16, I have my high school diploma and I’m working on my AA. Anywho, congrats to you sweety. This made me cry :)

  48. Michelle~44 Says:

    Wow. This was so beatiful. Congrats! I can’t wait to have a baby. 18 and ready for a baby:s

  49. Kirsty Says:

    Amazing video, i dunno why people leave negative comments – when they’ve sat through the video and watched it! Totally agree with Dina!

    -Well done and congratulations

  50. Alice Says:

    You did a very good job, it is inspiring that you were so calm during the birth. I’m 20 years old and only 10 weeks far, but really frighten to give birth, this helped :)

  51. Ashley Says:

    Imb18 and my baby is due in August, I can’t wait. I thing pregnancy and the birth of a child is a BEAUTIFUL thing! I am thinkIng about doing a water birth but I’m not sure.

  52. LISA Says:

    Well this child birth was amazing, it is my first time seeing such secenary it gives me the courage to be rather strong, decisive and confident.
    I am proud of ur courage and patience bravooooo

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