Unassisted Natural Water Homebirth

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  1. childbirth videos Says:

    i found out 8 months ago im going to be a father and now the day is drawing closer im really nervious because im so bad around blood and other things like that i am afraid i will pass out but i want to be there for my wife.. what should i do?

  2. chelsea Says:

    I just found out im pregnant! Im so excited and nervous! Anyway I was just curios about what im gonna go through.

  3. Melle Says:

    That was really beautiful, I am considering a waterbirth.

  4. Srikumar Says:

    My wife is now on 8th month. Comparing to cesarean water birth will be easy for my wife. Iam going to suugest my doctor for water birth. My wife was scared about her delivery, on seeing this video she became energetic and said i can. So Thanks for your video for helping my wife to come out of her fearness.

  5. Faisal abdulai Says:

    I’m just curiuos about the whole childbirth process.

  6. Lance E Says:

    So refreshing to see a birth that wasn’t all screaming and blood like some kind of horror film, thank you, this has revived my faith in the natural order, we have evolved to bring life into the world so it is nice to see an example of a peaceful experience for mother and child. This makes me more optimistic about being a father one day.

  7. Jessica Says:

    Absolutely awesome! It was all so gentle and you could tell that kept the baby calm as well. Beautiful! (((27 days til baby girl comes! <3)))

  8. Lisa McBain Says:

    wow that was so amazing u did a fantastic job, i am pregnant with my 2nd and would love to experience a water birth but i dont think the hospital i am going to has the facilities for such a birth:( but i just want to say this was the calmest birth video i have watched so far so beautiful just beautiful……CONGRATS TO U BOTH mum and dad……..

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